About Us

Tiantai Gas focuses onthe field of special gases

Dedicated to the interconnection and interconnectionof the entire industry chain for gas manufacturing application innovation

Gas production base of Jiangsu Tiantai Special Gases Co.,Ltd.,Changzhou Changhai Gas Co., Ltd.,Jiangsu Renfang Industrial Gas Co., Ltd.,Zhenjiang Danyang Gas

  • Tiantai Special Gas is a comprehensive provider of gas solutions that include gas production, special gas customization, gas utilization plans, and gas logistics and transportation.

  • With four main production bases, facilities such as steel cylinders, liquid storage tanks, and on-site piping, and multiple core technologies across the entire value chain from gas production, purification, testing to transportation, Tiantai offers one-stop, diversified gas supply models and product solutions, from application demand analysis to proportioning scheme design, and all-round support for customers around the world.

  • These solutions are widely used in metallurgy, electronics, photovoltaics, foods, medicine, chemicals, machinery, and other industries.

General headquarters Tiantai Special Gases

R&D base Tiantai Special Gases

  • Established in 2007 with a registered capital of RMB 120 million, it is a research and development base of advanced technology covering over 1000 square meters

  • With a relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technology and excellent quality, Tiantai implements whole-process quality control, accelerates manufacturing transformation and automated intelligent manufacturing, realizes systematic R&D, production, logistics tracking, and customer management, activates service touchpoints with digitalization value, and supports the interconnection of the different segments of the supply chain with heart and wisdom.

  • With continuous and increasing R&D investments in high-purity gas, high-purity helium has been deployed in satellite operation and fuel-cell grade hydrogen has been successfully applied in CRRC projects.

Changzhou Changhai Gas Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary

  • Gas production of Changzhou Changhai Gas features a process of physical separation using air as the raw material. It employs structured packing, molecular sieve adsorption and purification, DCS (distributed control system), and low-pressure low-temperature processes.

  • Major equipment is imported or from joint ventures, featuring a high degree of automation. During normal operation, it is monitored by operators in the control room, with no personnel working on the production site. The process belongs to the sixth generation of air separation technology.

  • Changzhou Changhai Gas produces 5,000m³ of oxygen, 5,000m³ of nitrogen, and 150m³ of argon per hour

Jiangsu Renfang Industrial Gas Co., Ltd., a production base

  • Jiangsu Renfang Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. is the production base under the management and operation of Tiantai Special Gas

  • Renfang Industrial Gas produces 6,000 standard cubic meters of nitrogen hourly and 63,310 tons of liquid nitrogen annually

Company Culture
Core Values: Safety, Respect, Integrity, Gratitude
Safety: Safety first, Life firsts
Respect: Humility, Gentleness, Simplicity
Integrity: Seeking truth and being pragmatic, Being cautious in speech
Gratitude: Grateful heart, Loving heart
Operational Management Cultures
Professionalism: Leading technology, Scientific management, Outstanding talents
Efficiency: Quick response, Active participation, Rapid execution
Foresight: Visionary, Prudent planning, Preparedness for the future
Passion: Persistence, Courage to break through, Determination to succeed
Our Vision
We are committed to becoming an excellent professional industrial gas company, providing customers with scientific, innovative and sustainable solutions.
Our Mission
To help customers achieve greater success, energy conservation and carbon reduction, and make contributions to the cause of carbon neutrality with high-quality technology, services and solutions, and to achieve personal and corporate goals.s
Our Strategic Direction
By leveraging our first-class engineering and technical capabilities, we aim to provide competitive products and achieve profitable growth with our customers. We will realize the full value of cooperation and continue to invest in the fields of industrial gases, electronic specialty gases, and new energy.
Cooperative Development
Changzhou Sujing Electronic Material Co., Ltd.
Funde (Changzhou) Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu University Of Technology
Jiangsu Urban and Rural Construction Vocational College
Anhui Linhong Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.