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Jiangsu Tiantai Special Gases Co.,Ltd. - Initiated the establishment of the Changzhou Hydrogen Energy Industry Association -

Tiantai Special Gas is a comprehensive provider of gas solutions that include gas production, special gas customization, gas utilization plans, and gas logistics and transportation. With four main production bases, facilities such as steel cylinders, liquid storage tanks, and on-site piping, and multiple core technologies across the entire value chain from gas production, purification, testing to transportation, Tiantai offers one-stop, diversified gas supply models and product solutions, from application demand analysis to proportioning scheme design, and all-round support for customers around the world. These solutions are widely used in metallurgy, electronics, photovoltaics, foods, medicine, chemicals, machinery, and other industries.


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R&D of special gas


Gas production base


Long term cooperative clients
Product Center
A manufacturer of high-purity gas, standard gas mixture, and electron gas
Rare gas
With the rapid development of industrial production and science and technology, rare gases are increasingly being widely used in industry, medicine, cutting-edge science and technology, and even daily life
Standard gas
Standard gases, by usage, are commonly used in the following applications: gas alarms, electrical energy, petrochemicals, environmental protection and monitoring, medical treatment and health care, and instruments and meters
Electron gas
Electronic gases are indispensable raw materials for Very Large Scale Integration, planar display devices, compound semiconductor devices, solar cells, optical fibers and other electronic industry production. They are widely used in film, etching, doping, vapor deposition, diffusion and other processes.
High-purity special gas
Mainly used in the large-scale petrochemical industry, semiconductor devices, optical fiber, laser, medical science, clinical diagnosis, medical disinfection, fruit ripening, and food preservation.
Gas mixture
A gas mixture is a mixture of several gases, which is a commonly used working medium in engineering. Gas mixtures are usually studied as ideal gases.
Food gas
Gas is intensively used in the food industry, especially in packaging for antioxidation, anti-spoilage, and freshness retainment.
Medical treatment and medical purposes
Blood gas detection, pulmonary function test, cardiopulmonary test, surgical laser, anesthesia monitoring, respiratory monitoring, medical research, radioactive tracing, etc.
  • Rare gas
  • Standard gas
  • Electron gas
  • High-purity gas
  • Gas mixture
  • Food gas
  • Medical gas


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