Congratulations to Tiantai for successfully signing the hydrogen energy industry project

Source: Date:2023.01.31 


Hydrogen energy

Hailed as the "ultimate energy" of the 21st century

Moving towards' hydrogen '

Changzhou Carefully Constructs Hydrogen Bay

Looking Forward to the Future at the Industrial Wind


Changzhou Hydrogen Bay

This morning

Officially set sail

Construction of New Energy Capital

Adding a Strong Engine

To fully build a new energy capital that leads the Yangtze River Delta, radiates across the country, and has global influence, it is necessary to leverage the city's efforts, gather global resources, seize opportunities, seize opportunities, seize opportunities, consolidate first mover advantages, expand leading advantages, and maintain competitive advantages.

Chen Jinhu, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee

Building a new energy capital in the city

At the promotion conference, it was pointed out that

Persist in a forward-looking perspective

Leading the development of hydrogen energy industry

Focused hydrogen energy "production, storage and utilization" link

Carefully crafted hydrogen bay

Hydrogen Bay Renderings

Changzhou Hydrogen Bay

Changzhou Hydrogen Bay is located on the central axis of the core area of the "Two Lakes" innovation zone, with a planned area of about 2 square kilometers and a starting area of 1000 acres, of which 360 acres are used as an innovation incubation area. The first phase is planned to be 34 mu, which is Changzhou Hydrogen Bay International Innovation Community with 60000 square meters of incubation space.

With "one base, one demonstration area and two centers" as the new pattern of high-quality development of the hydrogen energy industry, Changzhou Hydrogen Bay will strive to build a hydrogen energy equipment and core parts R&D and manufacturing base, a demonstration area for the differentiated development of the hydrogen energy industry chain in East China, a hydrogen energy technology innovation and transformation center, and a hydrogen energy equipment and core parts inspection and testing center.



Targeted power generation

Full chain attraction

8 hydrogen energy industry projects

Signed a contract with Changzhou West the Taihu Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park

Total investment of 1.315 billion yuan

They are:

Jiangsu Special Inspection Institute National Hydrogen Energy Product Quality Inspection and Testing Center Project

Changzhou Hydrogen Bay Sinopec Oil and Hydrogen Joint Construction Project

Liande Electronics Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Project

Hydrogen Bay International Innovation Community Project

Changzhou Zhonghai Power New Energy Testing Equipment Project

Changzhou Hydrogen Industry Association Headquarters Project

Hunan Baili Technology Fuel Cell Core Parts Project

Beijing Gerui New Energy Testing Equipment Project


National Hydrogen Energy Product Quality Inspection and Testing Center Project

After completion, it will contribute to the hydrogen energy industry in Changzhou and even the whole country

Provide technical support and services

Hydrogen Bay International Innovation Community Project

The total investment is 350 million yuan, mainly to build a research and development center and production base for core components and inspection and testing equipment in the hydrogen energy industry. Chan Tan Lui, New Energy Branch of China Merchants Bureau of Changzhou West the Taihu Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park, introduced that the project has started planning and construction, and is expected to be completed within the year. A number of enterprises intend to settle down.

Seize the opportunity window of hydrogen energy

A group of cutting-edge soldiers leading industrial development

Accelerate running on the new track and grab a spot

Liande Electronics

At present, it is undertaking the mass preparation of single cell and the design and optimization of the structure of the electrolytic reactor in the high-power solid oxide Electrolysed water steam hydrogen production system. "This is a national key research project. It hopes to overcome the technical difficulties of Hydrogen fuel cells and green production of hydrogen, optimize the energy structure of China, and become a new option for decarbonization in high energy consuming industries such as industry and transportation." said Wang Xiaochun, a professor at the Research Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology of Liande Electronics.

Focusing on supporting the construction of Changzhou Hydrogen Bay and promoting the stability of the hydrogen energy industry, Wujin District issued special policies to give all-round support to the hydrogen energy industry from nine aspects: project agglomeration, enterprise cultivation, technology research, platform construction, hydrogen station construction, application demonstration, financial support, industry exchange, and talent introduction.

With careful layout and introduction and cultivation, Wujin District has initially formed a relatively complete industrial chain covering hydrogen preparation, storage and transportation, electric stack and core parts, battery system, vehicle manufacturing, construction and operation of Hydrogen station, and the investment layout of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry ranks the forefront in China.


By leveraging the agglomeration role of Changzhou Hydrogen Bay and accelerating the construction of the first district in the new energy capital, Wujin plans to build it into a hydrogen energy development demonstration area with a complete hydrogen energy industry chain, strong innovation capabilities, complete infrastructure, diverse application scenarios, and significant influence within the Yangtze River Delta region in three years, and create a new industrial growth pole for the "Two Lakes" innovation zone


(1) Autonomous and controllable key technologies for hydrogen energy

By 2025:

✿ Key technologies such as fuel cell system, stack, membrane electrode, integrated control of fuel cell vehicle system, core raw materials and key parts of storage and transportation equipment are leading in China, and breakthroughs have been made in basic material technologies such as Proton-exchange membrane and catalyst;

✿ Introduce more than 3 core technology teams and high-end industry talents, establish 1-2 provincial-level or above innovation platforms, and implement a batch of provincial-level or above major technical research projects targeting key technical indicators such as stack rated power and lifespan, membrane electrode platinum loading capacity, etc;

✿ Build more than 4 industrial public service platforms.

(2) Hydrogen energy industry cluster is taking shape

With Wujin National High tech Zone and West the Taihu Lake Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park as key areas, cultivate a number of key hydrogen energy enterprises and build hydrogen energy industry clusters.

By 2025:

✿ More than 30 enterprises in the hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing and gas storage and transportation industry chain, and more than 1 listed enterprise, with a cumulative industrial investment of over 20 billion yuan;

✿ The annual output value of hydrogen energy and related industries has exceeded 10 billion yuan, forming a competitive hydrogen energy industry chain;

✿ Cultivate 5 "Gazelle" and "Unicorn Enterprises", 10 individual champion and specialized new "Little Giant" enterprises.

(3) Widely developing hydrogen energy demonstration applications

By 2025:

✿ Strive to build 5 Hydrogen station;

✿ The application demonstration of hydrogen energy vehicles has exceeded 300, including 80 promoted in the field of freight logistics, and 120 pilot applications such as hydrogen sanitation vehicles, hydrogen fog artillery vehicles, hydrogen earth moving vehicles, and hydrogen forklifts.

Clean the world with hydrogen

'Can' create the future

In the most beautiful bay of the lake

High ground for the development of the hydrogen energy industry chain


Tiantai strives to move forward