MCC Dongfang and Jiangsu Tiantai successfully held the contract signing ceremony for oxygen generating units

Source: Date:2023.06.17 


On the morning of March 30, MCC orient Jiangsu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MCC orient"), a subsidiary of Jiangsu Feida Group, and Jiangsu Tiantai Special Gas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiangsu Tiantai") successfully signed a contract lease agreement for 12000 Nm3/h oxygen generating units. The signing ceremony was presided over by Zha Xianwen, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Feida Group.


Ouyang Chen, General Manager of MCC Dongfang, and Li Desheng, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Tiantai, signed the contract on behalf of both parties


Yang Jian, General Manager of Jiangsu Tiantai, introduced the planning and development prospects of the contract leasing project of 12000 Nm³/h oxygen generating unit, and promised to strictly follow the agreement of both parties, closely cooperate, promote in coordination, and speed up the handling of various procedures to meet the gas demand in the production and operation of MCC orient, do a good job in serving the economic development of Jiangsu Feida Group, and hope to use this platform to achieve win-win results for both enterprises and social benefits.


Li Gang, CEO of Huaxing and Investment Fund, is the facilitator of this cooperation. From the perspective of an investor, Feida witness, and future layout person, he proposed three requirements for the development prospects of the project after cooperation: firstly, it is necessary to reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency; 2、 It is necessary to ensure safe operation and reduce energy consumption; 3、 It is necessary to unconditionally ensure the sufficient supply of oxygen during the production process.


Ouyang Chen, General Manager of MCC Eastern, expressed gratitude to Jiangsu Tiantai for its support and cooperation, and stated that this signing has solidified a solid platform for cooperation between the two parties, which will further enhance the market competitiveness of MCC Eastern's products. MCC oriental will strengthen communication and exchange with Jiangsu Tiantai, collaborate sincerely, and work together to create a better future.


In his speech, Zhu Guoping, Chairman of Jiangsu Feida Group, expressed confidence in the cooperation with Jiangsu Tiantai and put forward three hopes: firstly, we hope that both parties will adhere to the concept of cooperation and mutual trust, and work together and integrate with each other; 2、 I hope that the management teams of both parties can learn from each other, exchange information, and jointly create a vibrant and dynamic market; 3、 I hope both parties can leverage their respective strengths, fully consider issues from the other's perspective, jointly build a future of cooperation, and create a brilliant future for cooperation.

The signing ceremony was also attended by heads of relevant departments such as production, safety, procurement, and oxygen production from MCC Dongfang.