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Instruments and meters standard gas

Packaging: 1-40L bottle

Standard filling pressure: 9.5 MPa

Product Details

No.NameComposition concentrationBalance gasSpecificationsPurpose
1Hydrogen calibration standard gasH2: 0∽50%Nitrogen2L、4L、8LHydrogen analyzer
2Oxygen calibration standard gasO2: 10x10-6∽21%Nitrogen2L、4L、8LOxygen analyzer
3Carbon monoxide calibration standard gasCO: 0∽10%Nitrogen2L、4L、8LCarbon oxide analyzer and flue gas analyzer
4Carbon dioxide calibration standard gasCO2: 0∽50%Nitrogen2L、4L、8LCarbon oxide analyzer and flue gas analyzer
5Methane calibration standard gasCH4: 0∽5%Air2L、4L、8LLight interference or methane analyzer, catalytic combustion methane analyzer
6Hydrogen sulfide calibration standard gasH2S: 0∽20%Nitrogen2L、4L、8LDetermination of hydrogen sulfide gas
7Sulfur hexafluoride calibration standard gasSF6: 0∽6000x10-6Nitrogen2L、4L、8LSulfur hexafluoride leak detector, Sulfur hexafluoride analyzer
8Nitric oxide calibration standard gasNO: 0∽1000x10-6Nitrogen2L、4L、8LAutomobile emission analyzer, chemiluminescence ammonia oxide analyzer
9Ammonia calibration standard gasNH3: 0∽30%Nitrogen2L、4L、8LAmmonia gas analyzer
10Carbon oxide calibration standard gasCO: 0.5%∽5%Nitrogen2L、4L、8LAutomotive emission analyzer
11Carbon oxide calibration standard gasCO2: 0∽14%Nitrogen2L、4L、8L
12Propane calibration standard gasC3H8: 800x10-6∽1.2%Nitrogen2L、4L、8L
13Two in one

C3H8: 50%LEL

H2S: 20ppm

Nitrogen2L、4L、8LGas detection alarm (marine)
14Four in one

O2: 12%VOL

CO: 50ppm

CH4: 50%LEL

H2S: 25ppm

15Four in one

O2: 18%VOL

CO: 50ppm

i-C4H10: 50%LEL

H2S: 25ppm