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High purity argon gas

Packaging: 40L steel cylinder

Diameter: 219mm、232mm

Work pressure: 15MPa、20MPa

Hydrostatic test pressure: 22.5MPa、25MPa、30MPa

Main material: 37Mn30CrMo4

Design wall thickness: 5.7mm

Bottle mouth thread: PZ27.8(GB8335)

Appearance: Colorless and odorless inert gas.

Molar mass: 39.948 g/mol

Melting point: -189.2

Density: 1.40(-186℃)

Boiling point: -185.7

GHS Hazard Classification: High pressure Liquefaction of gases gas

Hazard statement: Equipped with high-pressure gas inside; May explode when exposed to heat.

Product Details

SpecificationPurityImpurity content (PPM)PackagingValveExecutive standardsPurpose
Pure argon≥99.99%H2≤5,O2≤10,N2≤50,total carbon ≤ 10,H2O≤15Bottled, containerized, long tube trailerPX-32AGB/T 4842-2006Argon can be used as a shielding gas for stainless steel welding, aluminum alloy welding, and copper alloy welding;

High purity argon is widely used as a filling gas for ICP spectrometers, energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps, and fluorescent lamps;

High purity argon is also used in ArF Excimer laser gas and electronic industry manufacturing.

High purity argon gas≥99.999%H2≤1,O2≤2,N2≤5,total carbon ≤ 2,H2O≤4Bottled and containerizedCGA-580GB/T 16945-2009
Ultrapure argon≥99.9999%O2≤0.5,N2≤0.5,total carbon ≤ 0.2,H2O≤0.5
Technical standard
NameExecutive standardsPurity (V/V)≥Argon content (ppm)≥Hydrogen content (ppm)≤Oxygen (argon) content ≤Nitrogen content (ppm) ≤CO+CO2+CH4(ppm)≤Moisture content (ppm) ≤
Regular argonGB/T4843-9599.9------
Pure argonGB/T4843-9599.99-510701020
High purity argon gasGB/T4843-9599.999-12524

Product Usage: Argon is a widely used Noble gas in industry. Its properties are very inactive, neither able to burn nor support combustion. In the sectors of aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, atomic energy industry, and mechanical industry, argon is often used as the welding protective gas for special metals such as aluminum, magnesium, copper and their alloys, and stainless steel, to prevent the welded parts from being oxidized or nitrided by air.

In the field of metal smelting, oxygen and argon blowing is an important measure for producing high-quality steel, with an argon consumption of 1-3m³ per 1T of steel produced。 In addition, argon is also needed as a protective gas for the smelting of special metals such as titanium, zirconium, and germanium, as well as in the electronic industry.