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High purity nitrogen

Packaging: 40LGB steel cylinder

Appearance: Colorless and odorless gas

Molar mass: 28g/mol

Melting point: -209.8

Density: 0.81(-196℃)

Boiling point: -195.6

GHS Hazard Classification: High pressure compressed gas

Hazard statement: Equipped with high-pressure gas inside; May explode when exposed to heat

Product Details

No.NameChemical formulaPurity (%)Pressure (MPa)Filling capacity (m³/Kg)Valve threaded outlet
1High purity nitrogenN299.99913.55PX-32|G5/8
2High purity nitrogenN299.9999.50.8PX-32|G5/8
3High purity nitrogenN299.9999.50.4PX-32|G5/8
PurityImpurity content (PPM)Executive standardsPackagingPurpose
99.50%O2≤5000,H2O dew point -43 ℃GB/T3864-2008Steel cylinder, container, long tube trailerNitrogen is used as a filling gas for car tires; Used as a bright annealing protective gas for copper pipes; High purity nitrogen is used as the carrier gas for instruments such as chromatographs; Used as a laser gas for laser cutting machines together with high-purity helium and high-purity carbon dioxide; Liquid nitrogen is also used as a protective gas for food preservation; For synthetic ammonia, Synthetic fiber (nylon, acrylic), synthetic resin, synthetic rubber, etc; In the manufacturing of automation systems, semiconductors, electronic components, and other electronic industries, nitrogen is used as protective gas, dilution gas, and carrier gas; In the chemical industry, nitrogen is mainly used as a protective gas, displacement gas, washing gas, and safety guarantee gas; Used as a protective gas for aluminum products, aluminum profile processing, aluminum thin rolling, etc; Used as a protective gas for reflow soldering and wave soldering to improve welding quality; It is used as a protective gas in the production of Float glass to prevent tin bath oxidation.

Product Usage: The manufacturing of compounds such as fertilizers, ammonia, nitric acid, inert protective media, refrigerants and coolants for frozen food and low-temperature crushing, epitaxial, diffusion, chemical vapor deposition, ion implantation, plasma dry etching, photolithography, etc. in the electronic industry, and also used as standard gas, correction gas, zero point gas, balance gas, etc.