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High purity helium

Packaging: 40L national standard seamless steel cylinder

Pressure: 14±0.5MPa


Product Details

No.NameChemical formulaPurity (%)Pressure (MPa)Filling capacity (m³/Kg)Valve threaded outletSteel cylinder volume (L)
1High purity heliumHe99.99913.55.5PX-32|G5/840
ComponentHigh purity heliumUnit
Carbon monoxide0.5ppmv
Carbon dioxide0.5ppmv

Product Usage: Helium is indispensable in the widely concerned applications of superconductors in fields such as levitation trains. In addition, due to the inert chemical properties and lighter than air characteristics of helium, high-purity helium is commonly used as a filling gas in spacecraft or advertising balloons, and this use is also well-known. High purity helium gas is widely used in respiratory mixtures in the field of ocean development, as well as in the cooling of superconducting electromagnets for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging equipment in the medical field. It is widely used in military industry, scientific research, petrochemicals, refrigeration, medical treatment, semiconductors, pipeline leak detection, superconducting experiments, metal manufacturing, deep-sea diving, high-precision welding, optoelectronic product production, and so on.