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High purity hydrogen gas

Appearance: Colorless and odorless gas

Molar mass: 2.0157g/mol

Melting point (℃): -259.2

Density: 0.07(-252℃)

Boiling point: -252.8

Flash point: Meaningless

GHS Hazard Classification: Flammable gases, high-pressure compressed gases

Hazard statement: Extremely flammable gas, containing high-pressure gas, which may explode when exposed to heat

Product Details

No.NameChemical formulaPurity (%)Pressure (MPa)Filling capacity (m³/Kg)Valve threaded outlet
1HydrogenH299.91.14.4W21.8 counter thread
2High purity hydrogen gasH299.9991.14.4W21.8 counter thread
3High purity hydrogen gasH299.9999.51W21.8 counter thread
PurityImpurity content (PPM)Executive standardsPackaging:
99.00%O2≤4000,N2≤6000,H2ODew point -43 ℃GB/T3643.1-2006Steel cylinder, container, long tube trailer
Superior productsFirst GradeSecond class product
High purity hydrogenHydrogen purity, 10-2 (|/|)≥99.99999.99999.999
Neon content, 10-6 (|/|)≤---
Helium content, 10-6 (|/|)≤---
Oxygen (argon) content, 10-6 (|/|)≤0.513
Nitrogen content, 10-6 (|/|)≤116
Carbon monoxide content, 10-6 (|/|)≤
Carbon dioxide content, 10-6 (|/|)≤
Methane content, 10-6 (|/|)≤
Moisture content, 10-6 (|/|)≤123