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High purity sulfur dioxide

Packaging: 4-40L steel cylinder

Physical and chemical properties: A colorless gas with a pungent, suffocating, irritating odor. Extremely prone to liquefaction, does not burn in air and does not support combustion.

Product Introduction: Sulfur dioxide (chemical formula: SO2) is a common sulfur oxide. Colorless gas with a strong pungent odor. One of the main atmospheric pollutants. When a volcano erupts, it emits this gas and produces sulfur dioxide in many industrial processes. Due to the fact that coal and petroleum usually contain sulfur compounds, sulfur dioxide is generated during combustion. When sulfur dioxide is dissolved in water, it will form Sulfurous acid (the main component of acid rain). If SO2 is further oxidized, sulfuric acid is usually generated in the presence of catalysts such as nitrogen dioxide. This is one of the reasons for concern about the environmental effects of using these fuels as energy.

Product Details

Entry namePurity index (%)
Sulfur dioxide≥99.99
Impurity content (ppm)Oxygen+nitrogen (O2+N2)≤50
Carbon oxysulfide (COS)≤10
Carbon dioxide (CO2)≤10
Water (H2O)≤10
Hydrocarbons (THC)≤5

Product Usage: Mainly used in the preparation of inorganic sulfides such as H2SO4 and Na2S, organic synthesis, fumigants, insecticides, preservatives for fruits and vegetables, and disinfectants that are easily liquefied. Does not burn in the air. Bleaching agents, papermaking industry, tanning, refrigerants, petroleum refining, magnesium smelting, preservatives, standard gases, calibration gases, online instrument standard gases.