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High purity carbon monoxide

Packaging: 8-44L steel cylinder

Appearance: Colorless and odorless gas.

Molar mass: 28.01g/mol

Melting point: -199.1

Density: 0.79

Boiling point: -191.4

Flash point: <-50

GHS Hazard Classification: Flammable gas, compressed gas. Acute toxicity

Hazard statement: It is a flammable and explosive gas. Mixing with air can form explosive mixtures, which can cause combustion and explosion when exposed to open flames and high heat.

Product Details

No.NameChemical formulaPurity (%)Pressure (MPa)Filling capacity (m³/Kg)Valve threaded outlet
1Carbon monoxideCO99.999115W21.8 counter thread
2Carbon monoxideCO99.99114.4W21.8 counter thread
3Carbon monoxideCO99.9114.4W21.8 counter thread
4Carbon monoxideCO99.99.51W21.8 counter thread
Entry namePurity index (%)
Carbon monoxide≥99.999≥99.99≥99.9
Impurity content (ppm)Oxygen (O2)≤2≤10≤150
Nitrogen (N2)≤2≤20≤500
Hydrogen (H2)≤1--
Argon gas (Ar)≤2--
Water (H2O)≤1-≤15
Carbon dioxide (CO2)--≤50
Hydrocarbons (THC)≤2≤10≤20

Product Usage: Fuel, reducing agent, raw material for organic synthesis, used for the preparation of carbonyl metals, phosgene, carbon sulfide oxide, aromatic aldehydes, formic acid, Benzenehexol, Aluminium chloride, methanol, used for hydroformylation, used for the preparation of hydrocarbon synthesis gasoline), synthetic alcohol (mixture of carboxyl, ethanol, aldehyde, ketone and hydrocarbon), zinc white pigment, aluminum oxide film forming, standard gas, calibration gas, online instrument standard gas.