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High purity carbon dioxide

Packaging: 8-44L steel cylinder

Appearance: Colorless and odorless gas

Molar mass: 44.01g/mol

Melting point: -56.6(527kPa)

Density: 1.56(-79℃)

Boiling point: -78.5 (sublimation)

Flash point: Meaningless

GHS Hazard Classification: High pressure compressed gas

Hazard statement: Equipped with high-pressure gas inside; Exposure to heat may cause explosion, which may cause drowsiness or dizziness.

Product Details

No.NameChemical formulaPurity (%)Pressure (MPa)Filling capacity (m³/Kg)Valve threaded outlet
1Carbon dioxideCO299.999620PX-32
2Carbon dioxideCO299.99620PX-32
3Carbon dioxideCO299.9620PX-32
Entry namePurity index (%)
Carbon dioxide≥99.999
Impurity content (ppm)Oxygen (O2)≤2
Nitrogen (N2)≤2
Carbon monoxide (CO)≤1
Hydrocarbons (THC)≤3
Water (H2O)≤2

Product Usage: Oxidation, diffusion, chemical vapor deposition, and supercritical cleaning gases in semiconductor manufacturing; It is also widely used in food, aerospace, welding, and other fields.