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Electric light mixture

Packaging: 4L-40L bottle

Appearance and Appearance: Under normal temperature and pressure, argon and nitrogen are colorless, odorless, odorless, non-toxic, non irritating, and non corrosive gases.

Melting point (℃): Ar -189.2 N2 一210.0

Boiling point (℃): Ar -185.9 N2 —195.8

Relative density (air=1):Ar--1.380(0℃、l01.325Kpa)

N2---- 0. 967(20℃、l01.325Kpa)

Critical temperature (℃): Ar: -l22.4 N2: 一l46.9

Critical pressure (KPa): Ar: 4864 N2: 3400

Solubility: Ar is slightly soluble in water and organic solvents; N2 is slightly soluble in water, alcohol, and ether.

Product Details

CategoryMixture compositionImpurity component content/(10-6)Purpose
Rare gas mixture

Ne: 10%+Ar

N2: 5%~40%+Ar

N2: 15%~20%+Kr

Kr: 10%~20%+Ar

Kr: 1%~5%+Ar: 5%~30%+N2

He<2, total gas impurities<15





Industrial use of light bulbs. Filling gas for special light source lamps, filling gas for civilian light bulbs
Halogen compound

Bromomethane: 0.04%+krypton: 40%~50%+hydrogen

Bromomethane: 0.1%~1%+krypton

-Spot lamp, halogen gas illumination lamp filling gas
Heavy hydrogen gas mixture

Deuterium: 10%+helium

Deuterium: 10%+Hydrogen: 10%+Krypton: 10%+Neon: 10%+Helium

-Special bulb filling gas
Bulb argon mixtureKrypton: 12% -16%+argonO2≤10,H2≤5,TC≤10,H2O≤15Used as filling gas for incandescent lamps

Main purpose: Argon nitrogen mixture is mainly used as a filling gas for incandescent lamps. Other Electric light gas can be used for filling gas of various special lamps.