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Laser gas mixture

Packaging: 8L and 40L steel cylinders

Interface: G5/8

Cylinder size: Drill down to query cylinder specifications

Pressure: 9.5±0.5MPa

Product Details

CategoryMixture composition/% (the following numbers only select some parameters)Balance gasPurpose
Helium neon laser gas mixtureNe: 2-8.3%HeIndustry, scientific research, national defense construction, etc
CO2 laser gasCO2: 10-34%

CO2: 4.5~16%+N2: 5.5~55%

N2: 8~32%+CO2: 8~16%+CO: 2~8%

N2: 8~12%+CO2: 6~8%+CO: 4%+H2:0.4%

HeCutting, welding, and drilling of metals and ceramics, as well as laser surgery in medical applications
Krypton fluoride laser mixture

F: 10%

F: 5%+Kr: (1-0.2)%

HeProtective film exposure, chemical reactions. Stone plate printing, etc. in storage vessel manufacturing
Sealed beam laser gas mixtureN2: 18.5%+Xe: 3%+CO: 2.5%H2Sealed laser used for research purposes
Excimer laser gas

F: 0.1-0.25%+Ar: 3-5%

Ar: 5-8%+He: 2-4%

F: 0.2-0.3%+Ar: 9-11%+Ne: 20-30%+ He equilibrium

NeApplied in Isotope separation, photochemistry, medicine, biology, microelectronics industry, military

Precautions: Bottled gas products are high-pressure filling gas, which can only be used after pressure reduction. The packaged gas cylinders have a service life, and any expired gas cylinders must be sent to a department for safety inspection before they can continue to be used. When using exhaust gas in each bottle, the residual pressure inside the bottle should be kept at 0.5MPa, which should not be lower than 0.25MPa. The bottle valve should be closed to ensure gas quality and safe use. Bottled gas products shall be stacked by categories during transportation, storage and use. Combustible gas and combustion supporting gas shall not be stacked together, and shall not be close to open fire and heat source. It shall be kept away from fire, oil wax, explosion, heavy throwing and impact. Arc striking or arc striking on the cylinder body is strictly prohibited, and rough handling is strictly prohibited.