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Food grade nitrogen

Packaging: 40L steel cylinder, 175L Dewar can or according to customer requirements

Appearance: Colorless, odorless, odorless, non-toxic gas

Melting point: -210℃

Boiling point: At 101.325kPa (1atm) -195.8 ℃

Product Details

Container specificationsContainer size (cm)Average weight (kg)Valve/threaded outletFilling volume
40L nitrogen steel cylinder22x14056QF-2 thread G5/813.5MPa/5.4Nm³/6kg
175L Dewar can51x160280QF-2 thread G5/8120kg
20~100m³ Liquid nitrogen storage tankAbove 260x800Above 3200According to customer needs20~100t

Product Usage: Provide protective gas and safety gas for industrial furnaces during the bright annealing, bright quenching and other heat treatment processes of metal heat treatment to prevent product oxidation; Used in the electronics industry to provide nitrogen protection for protective gas, dilution gas, carrier gas, and automation system semiconductors, electronic components, etc; Gas protection for aluminum products, aluminum profiles, and aluminum thin rolling in the aluminum processing industry; In the petrochemical system, nitrogen purging of pipeline containers, nitrogen filling, replacement, leak detection of storage tanks, and protection of combustible gases are required; In the fields of pharmaceutical and health raw materials, nitrogen filled packaging and transportation of drugs, as well as moth prevention and anti-corrosion protection of Chinese herbal medicine; Nitrogen protection in powder metallurgy powder sintering and magnetic material sintering; Preservation and preservation of various chemical products, oil products, liquid natural gas nitrogen filled transportation, and food and vegetable transportation by sea and land; Protecting flammable and explosive materials from dust explosions in warehouses and cellars, extinguishing fires in coal mines, and transporting and storing ammunition; Filling nitrogen and pressing material in Synthetic fiber, drawing and anti oxidation; High pressure molding of plastic rubber to prevent oxidation, gas protection for wires and cables; Gas protection during Float glass production to prevent tin bath oxidation; Storage of grain and agricultural by-products for pest control, preservation, and storage; Beer beverage technology gas, preservation, and storage; Nitrogen filled lead-free soldering is used as a matching device for reflow soldering and wave soldering; Used as carrier gas for instruments and meters.