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Xenon gas

Packaging: 4L/8L/40L/50L

Purity: 99.999%

Product Details

No.NameChemical formulaPurity (%)Pressure (MPa)Filling capacity (m³/Kg)Valve threaded outletSteel cylinder volume (L)
1Xenon gasXe99.99965.5PX-32IG5/840
2Xenon gasXe99.99966CGA58050
3Xenon gasXe99.99961PX-32IG5/88
4Xenon gasXe99.99960.5PX-32IG5/84
Entry name
Purity index (%)
Xenon gas≥99.999
Magazine Content (ppm)Oxygen≤0.5
Argon gas≤1
Carbon dioxide≤1
Carbon tetrafluoride≤0.5

Product Usage: It is widely used in electronic and Electric light industries. Compared with argon filled bulbs of the same power, xenon filled bulbs have the advantages of high luminous efficiency, small size, long lifespan, and energy saving. Due to its strong ability to penetrate fog, it is commonly used as a fog navigation light and is widely used in airports, stations, and docks. The xenon lamp can generate 2500 ℃ high temperature after concave focusing, which can be used for welding or cutting Refractory metals such as titanium, molybdenum, etc. In medicine, xenon is a deep anesthetic with no side effects and a contrast agent for X-ray photography.