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Packaging: 8L/40L/50L

Appearance: Colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non combustible high-pressure gas stored in gas cylinders

Filling capacity of high-purity krypton gas: 1M³、 5.5M³、 6M³ about

Filling pressure: About 10MPa, 13.5MPa, 13.5MPa

Product Details

NameChemical formulaPurity (%)Pressure (MPa)Filling capacity (m³/ Kg)Valve threaded outletSteel cylinder volume (L)
Entry namePurity index (%)
Kr (high-purity krypton gas)≥99.999
Impurity content (ppm)Oxygen (O2)≤1
Nitrogen (N2)≤5
Hydrogen (H2)≤2
Xenon (Xe)≤35
Hydrocarbons (THC)≤2

Product Usage: Widely used in electronic industry, Electric light industry, gas lasers and plasma flow; Widely used in the production of mining lights, due to its particularly high transmittance, it can be used to manufacture off-road combat vehicle spotlights and aircraft runway indicator lights during night combat; Used in healthcare to measure cerebral blood flow; Its isotopes can be used as tracers; Radioactive krypton can be used for leak detection of sealed containers and continuous measurement of material thickness, and can also be made into atomic lamps that do not require electrical energy.